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Online registration for 2017 – 2018 Pre-Kindergarten programs is now open

2017 – 2018 Pre-Kindergarten Programs


  • École Beau Meadow School
  • École Bellevue School
  • École Champs Vallée School (hosted by Bellevue School until opening)


  • Calmar Elementary School
We do apologize for the error on the PowerSchool online registration form! Calmar Pre-Kindergarten families will notice that there is no pull-down option for Calmar Pre-Kindergarten. Unfortunately we cannot make changes to the online registration form at this point in time, however, we are directing those families to register as follows:
1) Parents wanting to register for Calmar Pre-K, should go into the registration form and register their child(ren) as a Grade 1 Student. (Do not attempt this for any other school as we *will not* accept the registration).
2) Once they complete their registration form, please have them email the Calmar Elementary School at and indicate that you have completed your registration form and that you intended to register for Pre-Kindergarten, not Grade 1. The secretaries will make the appropriate adjustments on your registration on the back end of the system.


  • Robina Baker Elementary School


  • East Elementary School
  • École Corinthia Park School
  • École Leduc Estates School  (no longer accepting non-funded student registrations)
  • Linsford Park School
  • Willow Park School (no longer accepting non-funded student registrations)


  • Thorsby Elementary School

Programs are subject to change based on enrolment and space.

About Our Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten programs provide:

  • Learning guided by a certificated teacher.
  • Educational services in an inclusive preschool setting.
  • Small class size.
  • Individualized program planning with parents to address each child’s needs.
  • Specialized, intensive service in areas of special needs.
  • Integrated and individual speech and language services.
  • Access to Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Psychological Services.
  • Regular parent contact and family-oriented programming sessions.

For a Comprehensive Guide for Parents/Guardians on our Early Childhood Services Programs, please see the e-booklet below.

When Is My Child Eligible To Attend Pre-Kindergarten?

Children may begin Pre-Kindergarten in a school within our Division in September if they are four (4) years of age by the end of the following February. Children who qualify for Program Unit Funding (PUF) may qualify if they are three (3) years of age by the end of the following February.

Children with Special Needs

For more information about programming for children with special needs, please contact Niki Gill, ECS coordinator, 780-955-4534,

Program Preference

Please note, there may be limited spots available in Pre-Kindergarten programs and we encourage families to register early to avoid disappointment. As well, we may not be able to accommodate your program preference or location, depending on student enrolment and program viability.

How to Register

  • Register online via PowerSchool Registration. A paper copy of the registration form will not be available.
  • Parents will create an account with PowerSchool Registration/Infosnap (this is not a PowerSchool Parent Portal account) and then enter all their students’ registration information.
  • The form will allow the parent to choose the program they want to register in and indicate they would like busing (this will not guarantee busing)*.
  • Birth certificates and citizenship documentation etc. can be uploaded via the online registration process or handed in at the school.
  • All documentation is to be received by deposit deadline (April 28, 2017) to ensure your registration is complete. 


Beaumont Pre-Kindergarten Registration Draw to Continue – Deadline February 24, 2017

Registration for Beaumont Pre-Kindergarten will also take place through the InfoSnap/PowerSchool system. This is a centralized registration process, meaning that parents will indicate the neighborhood they reside in and be placed accordingly. If non-funded Beaumont Pre-Kindergarten programming demands in our Beaumont programs exceed space availability, 
a draw will be held to select non-funded Beaumont Pre-Kindergarten students from the names registered. 
Parents wanting to be considered for the Beaumont draw must be registered by midnight on February 24, 2017.

Is Transportation Provided?

We do not provide transportation to Pre-Kindergarten students.