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Our motivation for using technology is to enhance and extend learning. Digital resources used throughout the curriculum help teach students to successfully live, learn, work and communicate in our evolving cross-cultural digital society. The best use of digital tools and media is to focus their application on higher order thinking skills and personalizing instruction.

Goal One: Core subject classrooms have readily available digital tools and media that engage learners and teachers in the collaborative pursuit of challenging and personalized curricular experiences reflective of today’s global, digital world.

Goal Two: Web based tools are used to communicate effectively with students, staff, parents and the wider community.

Goal Three: Technology is managed and maintained in an efficient and safe manner.

Goal Four: Central and school office information access by those responsible and accountable for accuracy and currency.

Please see our latest BYOD booklet for parents, a downloadable PDF – BYOD Bring Your Own Device – Online Version

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an initiative that encourages students to use their own electronic devices in classrooms to personalize their learning. While all are encouraged to bring their own technology to school, formal BYOD programs have clear goals for student use within a classroom. All schools in BGRS have a public wireless system for students to connect their personal devices,  a BGRS username and password is all that is required.

Link to BYOD site (This may go into a different location)


Three Year Technology Plan

Black Gold 2015-2018 Technology Plan – Downloadable PDF