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December 17, 2015

Board Highlights – December 9, 2015

Board Highlights – December 9, 2015:  Draft 2016-17 School Year Calendar, International Student Travel, Bus Contractor Rates, Teacher Employer Bargaining Association, 8-Way Alternating Light System – Leduc, School Visits

December 09, 2015

International travel cancelled until August 31, 2016

In the wake of recent global events, the Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 Board of Education decided at its regular Board meeting on December 9, 2015 that all international student field trips will be cancelled until August 31, 2016.  The Board will review international travel in the new 2016 – 2017 school year, at… Read more »

December 09, 2015

Board Highlights – November 25, 2015

Board Highlights – November 25, 2015:  2014-15 Audited Financial Statements, 2015-16 Revised Budget, Three Year Education Plan & AERR, Leduc Enrolment, Beaumont Boundary & Grade Configuration, Modular Requests, Field Trips

November 30, 2015

Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 International Student Travel Survey – Now Closed

The safety of Black Gold students and staff is the first priority for the Board of Education. November 25th, 2015, during their scheduled Board Meeting, the Board of Education “Deferred” approval of two International Field Trips, as a result of recent world events, involving terrorist acts and threats. The Board voted to defer their approval… Read more »

November 19, 2015

Red Flashing Light Provincial Awareness Survey

In an effort to assist the Flashing Red Light Awareness Committee with tracking the effects of their recent the Flashing Red Light Awareness campaign, the following survey posted below is available to the public.  This survey is to help determine the level of awareness that currently exists and to understand if there is more educating of the… Read more »