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September 23, 2019

2019 Inspiring Success Award of Distinction recognizes Kathy Timmons

The Black Gold School Division believes in recognizing contributions of individuals or groups within Black Gold Regional Schools that “Inspire Success” of students and staff.

This year’s recipient of the Inspiring Success Award of Distinction has made a notable, significant and positive contribution to Black Gold Regional Schools.

Kathy Timmons is currently a Grade 1 teacher with more than 20 years of service in the Division, working at Calmar Elementary School.  During this time, Kathy has always been actively involved in any existing, evolving or newly established initiative in Black Gold to ensure that both students and teachers will benefit from the outcomes. 

Possessing an inquiring mind, Kathy will engage in collective dialogue to address the challenges educational reforms can bring, as she seeks to find ways of facilitating the implementation of new ideas or concepts with and for her teaching colleagues. No matter what the initiative, whether it be new methods of assessment, reporting student outcomes, or implementing new instructional strategies, Kathy will investigate and refine learning initiatives for the benefit of all. 

Kathy has demonstrated that she is an inspiring mentor and leader to new and existing staff. She is never satisfied with mediocrity and maintaining a standard of excellence is one of her trademarks. In pushing herself to do her best, Kathy inspires others to do the same. She is loved and respected by colleagues, parents and students, taking on each endeavour or supporting teachers with positivity and determination. 

Congratulations Kathy Timmons! 

2019 Inspiring Success Award of Distinction Recognition Video

Award of Distinction – Inspiring Success – Kathy Timmons and the Board of Trustees of Black Gold School Division