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About Nominations

All candidates running for school trustee must submit a completed nomination papers to the office of Black Gold School Division located on the 3rd Floor at 1105 – 5th Street in Nisku on nomination day.

Where to obtain a School Trustee Nomination Package

Candidate nomination packages will be made available for pickup at the Division Office and will be available below. Prospective candidates can contact the Division Office, during normal office hours, to obtain a copy of the School Trustee Nomination Package. This package will contain nomination documents and pertinent information for individuals considering running in the School Board Election.

Who can sign nomination papers?

Each person who signs a candidate’s nomination papers must be eligible to vote in the election for the office for which the candidate is running. They must be residents of the local jurisdiction on the day they sign the nomination form. Where there are wards, only electors who are residents of the ward for which a candidate is being nominated may sign the nomination form.

How many signatures do nomination papers need?

This requirement varies depending on the school jurisdiction. BGSD requires a minimum of five (5) eligible voters to sign a candidate’s nomination papers. It is recommended to request more signatures, in case one name is later deemed ineligible.

When do candidates file their nomination papers?

Nominations for the election of school trustee candidates will be received by the returning officer at the office of Black Gold School Division (3rd Floor,1105 – 5th Street, Nisku, Alberta) between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on nomination day.