Black Gold School Division


Mission Statement & Core Values

Our Mission

To inspire Success.


Our Core Values defined

Student-Centred Learning

  • At Black Gold, learning starts and focuses on the student. Though it doesn’t end there. Every member of the school division engages in active learning, with the purpose of creating the best experience for our students and staff and the healthiest school communities possible. We celebrate the light bulb moments with students and staff alike. We work hard and we have fun too.


  • At Black Gold, we foster positive relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We make meaningful connections with each other that strengthen over time. We don’t give up on students or each other. We are proud of the relationships that we build in our schools and in the communities that we call home.

Safe, Supportive Environment

  • At Black Gold, we strive to create an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and is supportive and safe for all. We value the health and wellness of every member of our school community and commit ourselves to sustaining this welcoming and positive culture every day.


  • We love what we do. We inspire wonder and curiosity in our students to become engaged learners. We seek to light a spark in our students and in our colleagues to achieve their goals and dreams.  We dedicate our time and creativity to help each other succeed along our journey through life. And we go the extra mile to create memorable moments.

Responsible Resource Management

  • At Black Gold, we honour and acknowledge that we are active and welcome members of a larger community. We do our best to ensure that students and staff have the tools they need to succeed.  We manage our financial resources responsibly. We have developed a reputation for being innovative and for applying technology wisely to the process of learning. We value each person who chooses to work with us and commit to helping them to develop their skills and talents. We understand that time is a precious resource and we use it wisely.


Vivid Description of the Future

By 2030, every member of the Black Gold community will be successful; academically, professionally and personally.  We will support students and staff to chart their course for the future through academic achievement and the development of life skills. We are known throughout Alberta and beyond for our effective use of the latest technology to enhance the learning environment for all.  We strive to understand the whole person, and work to equip them with the social emotional/life skills needed to lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

Our research-informed approach to wellness helps us to support students and staff from where they are.  We are nimble and responsive. We foster a true sense of belonging. Our culture ensures that everyone who comes to Black Gold thrives, and leaves better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.   We embrace and sustain the families and communities that surround us, and they in turn support and grow with us.


Our Priority Areas

Success Wellness Engagement and Partnerships

Promote growth that leads to success for every student from Pre-kindergarten through to post-secondary, providing multiple pathways and a focus for all learners.

Build safe, positive, healthy environments for learning and working to nurture student and staff well-being. (supportive) Engage our educational partners to enhance public education and respect the diversity of our communities.
Goal 1 Goal 1 Goal 1
A higher number of children begin Grade 1 with key milestones in emotional, social, intellectual and physical developmental met. Students, staff and parents contribute to a safe, welcoming, healthy and inclusive learning and working environment that welcomes diversity and promotes personal and professional growth and wellness Families and school communities are engaged in their children’s education.
Goal 2 Goal 2 Goal 2
High learning expectations and achievement for the foundational skills in literacy and numeracy are promoted, with particular attention to students in need of additional support. Students and staff learn and work in environments that are clean, safe, sustainable and well maintained. Partnerships with community organizations are cultivated to support the growth, development, well-being and success of students of all abilities.
Goal 3 Goal 3 Goal 3
A greater number of students achieve learning outcomes and have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed education and career/life choices. Data is used to inform decisions that optimize the distribution of resources. The school experience is enhanced by providing high quality curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities for students within the Division through the use of available resources.
Goal 4
All staff and students will model the character and people skills* necessary to establish positive relationships, effective work practices and good citizenship.

*Communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, creativity, work ethic, interpersonal skills, time management, leadership, attention to detail.


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