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October 15, 2018

BGRD procedures following cannabis legalization

With the recreational use of cannabis now legal in Canada, the same restrictions that are in place at all BGRD facilities regarding the use of substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs will apply to the use of cannabis products.

Per Administrative Procedure 162, smoking, vaping or consuming tobacco and cannabis is prohibited in any form. This applies to all Division premises, vehicles, buses, and any school-sponsored activities. Violation by any student or staff member will be dealt with according to the disciplinary procedures established at each site.

Procedures for students with a prescription of cannabis for medical needs are outlined in Administrative Procedure 316.

As always, our staff will be diligent in identifying and addressing the presence and/or use of substances prohibited by BGRD on all campuses, as well as the impairment of students and staff.


For more information, please refer to:

Administrative Procedure 162 – Tobacco and Cannabis Free Facilities
Administrative Procedure 316 – Student Medical Needs
Board Policy 19 – Appendix – Student Code of Conduct


Download the BGRD and cannabis legalization info sheet