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Black Gold Regional Schools Innovations Program 2014-2015

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Black Gold Regional Schools (BGRS) continues to encourage innovation by providing a fund to support new and unique innovations. Earlier this year the BGRS Board of Education announced a $100,000 fund for schools to submit innovative proposals that focused on the BGRS core values: student focused learning, relationships, supportive environments, passion, and managing resources responsibly. Submitted proposals could focus on any one or more of these core values. This year’s submissions were open to all BGRS staff, students and school councils. The criteria to determine the successful proposals included several important elements:

  • being innovative and creative in purpose;
  • capable of being replicated by other schools or departments;
  • sustainable over a longer term;
  • implemented in the 2014/15 school year; and
  • supported by school administration or supervisor.

A committee of two principals, two school trustees and one support staff was charged with the responsibility of determining which proposals were to be funded. Out of the 36 excellent proposals submitted totaling $373,711.81, 13 of these, totaling $94,773.66, were selected to be funded.

BGRS is proud to have creative and innovative staff and a forward thinking Board who develops opportunities such as this to support enhanced student learning.

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