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Board of Education Approves Beaumont Reconfiguration/Boundary Changes

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Black Gold Regional Schools (BGRS) received capital funding approval for a 700 capacity Kindergarten to Grade 9 School in the Dansereau Meadows neighbourhood in the Town of Beaumont.  The school is scheduled to open for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  Consequently, school attendance area boundaries and grade configurations needed to be adjusted.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 the BGRS Board of Education voted to accept the grade reconfiguration and boundary changes recommendation put forth by administration. Throughout the process the following objectives were kept in mind:

  • Offer neighbourhood K to 6 grade programming in each quadrant.
  • Offer a sustainable French Immersion program at all schools.
  • Maintain existing Division programs and services at all schools.
  • Enable the Division to introduce new programs and services at the appropriate schools.
  • Continue to accommodate special needs students through the inclusion model, when appropriate, and through Division programming when necessary.
  • Create viable enrolments at all schools.
  • Ensure that all Beaumont schools work within their capacity, in terms of portable or modular classrooms.
  • Support a successful transition of students and families from current boundaries and grade configurations to the new boundaries and grade configurations.
  • Provide a long term location(s) for rural students to be accommodated.
  • We are pleased to announce that, through the evaluation of accumulated data and public consultation, each of these objectives has been met. This is an
  • exciting time for the students and the parents of the Town of Beaumont: new school, new boundaries, new grade configurations, and new opportunities.

We would like to thank everyone involved and we look forward to working through the changes with you.

Full Web Release with Maps and explanation of the Boundary and Grade Changes:
Beaumont Reconfirguration Acceptance Web Release

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