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April 30, 2015

Budget Update – BGRD Board believes in using reserves to support its urban and rural students

Guided by the Board’s Strategic Plan, Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 (BGRD) will continue its commitment to managing its resources responsibility in order to focus on its core values of: Student Focused Learning; Relationships; Supportive Environment; Passion; and Managing Resources Responsibly To Inspire Success.

With a budget of $112 million, BGRD serves over 10,000 students in 30 schools and, within the current year, has grown in excess of 490 students or by 20 classrooms.

Reserve funds

Directed by its Strategic Plan, BGRD calculatingly manages its cash flow to overcoming budget and programming challenges in order to meet and serve the needs of its unique community.

With on-going community consultation and considerate short and long term planning, BGRD is fiscally responsible and intentional with its finances.

All reserve spending is allocated based on the Strategic Plan, which identifies the distinctive priorities that help best meet the interests and needs of Black Gold’s students and the community.  BGRD purposefully accesses planned reserves to integrate vital programs, large projects and necessary changes.

As of August 31, 2014, BGRD’s total audited operating reserves were $9,638,447. Some earmarked and on-going utilization of these reserves (but not limited to) are as follows:

  • $859,786 in school generated funds (earmarked parent collected funds)
  • $551,047 total held amongst 30 individual schools for purposes identified by the School Councils and Principals
  • $1,008,702 set aside for ever-greening of classroom computers and technology infrastructure, providing an effective and innovative learning environment
  • $632,000 for the Board’s motion and commitment to support French Immersion in Beaumont and Leduc, as requested by the community, increasing student career eligibility and opportunities and eliminating the need for Leduc students to be bussed to Beaumont, which provides efficiencies long term
  • $1,152,001 to support the staffing of teachers in our rural schools with declining population, ensuring opportunities for students in small rural schools
  • $473,902 to support the Student Services department in working with Inclusive Education, ensuring all students learn and participate together in a culture of respect and belonging
  • $1,000,000 to outfit the two schools being constructed in Beaumont and Leduc, providing the necessities for effective and innovative learning environments
  • $1,090,442 in Transportation reserves to continue additional support for rural transportation routes ensuring reasonable ride times for all students
  • $386,945 in Operation and Maintenance reserves to ensure safe and healthy environments for better student learning

BGRD Board believes in using reserves to support its urban and rural students

In 2015 – 2016, BGRD plans to continue to access its reserves to meet the needs of both its urban and rural students and to achieve effective, efficient and equitable programs and services.

BGRD priorities will include ongoing investments in

  • Student Programs & Student-Focused Learning
  • Improved Technology & Instructional Practice
  • Safe, Supportive & Innovative School Environments
  • Managing Resources Responsibly

Providing the best public education possible for all students remains unchanged. BGRD will continue to invest in its schools and communities by building on student achievement and well-being.

News Release: Budget Update – BGRD Board believes in using reserves to support its urban and rural students