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February 15, 2017

Calmar Secondary School’s Modernization Update

Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 and its partners 
are well on their way to a fully modernized school! Some of the modernization highlights thus far are:

Rejuvenated Gymnasium

The school’s gymnasium has been renewed with new flooring, new baskets and a redesigned spectacular looking logo. Coming soon there will be a brand new audio-visual system!

First-Class Machining/Wood Shop

The machining shop is now equipped with a top-of-the-line CNC lathes/turning centre, horizontal metal bandsaw, customized workbenches, as well as a vertical milling machine. The wood shop has been upgraded with a multiprocess welder, new bandsaws, spindle sanders and worktables. All upgrades are designed for maximum safety. Both areas are configured to accommodate extra machines and full utilization of the space.

Enhanced Foods Lab

The foods lab has been completely redesigned with six student workstations. New space-saving cabinetry which is hidden behind sliding digital projector whiteboards has been installed. As well, individual workstations include hidden storage for sewing stations and project materials. Yet to be installed is the new video teacher demonstration table!


The library/ student learning commons has been redesigned using the previous atrium 
and skylight allowing for plenty of natural light, lots of plug-ins and writing space.

View our full infographic to find more modernization highlights and details.