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September 19, 2017

Candidates list for Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 school board elections finalized today

September 19, 2017 – The campaign for the October 16 election has officially kicked off with a total of 16 people submitting names to Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 in order to become one of seven trustees elected to represent Black Gold’s school community on matters related to education.  Candidate profiles will be made available on the Black Gold website early next week.

Electors are invited to vote for their school board trustees on October 16.

Official List of Trustee Nominations for Black Gold Regional Division No. 18:

City of Leduc (two positions)
  • Chera Giesbrecht
  • Nadine Leming
  • Barb Martinson*
  • Sarah O’Gorman
  • Rebecca Stooshinoff
Leduc County – East (one position)
  • Missy Chehayeb
  • Esther Eckert
Leduc County – Central (one position)
  • Rebecca Eilander
  • Ron Patrick
  • Wally Yachimetz
Leduc County – West (one position)
  • Sam Kobeluck*
  • Shawna Ofstie
Town of Beaumont (one position)
  • Fred Davis
  • Robyn Steed
Town of Devon (one position)
  • Devonna Klaassen
  • Sandy Koroll*


Returning Officer: Ruth Andres, Ph: 780-955-6049