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February 11, 2020

Board Highlights – February 5, 2020

Board Highlights – February 5, 2020:  New Humble Centre School Marks 120 Years!, Council of School Communities Update, Student Excursion, Meeting with Education Minister, EJELS Grand Re-Opening, Policy Development, ASCA Conference, Pandemic Plan Update

December 19, 2019

Board Highlights – December 11, 2019

Board Highlights – December 11, 2019:  Celebrating Success, Revised Fall 2019-20 Budget, Three Year Education Plan & AERR, FNMI Statement of Acknowledgement, Modular Updates, School Visits, Christmas Concerts, Merry Christmas & Division Office Closure

December 06, 2019

Board Highlights – November 27, 2019

Board Highlights – November 27, 2019:  Celebrating Success, New High School, Warburg Hutterite Grad, Student Excursion, 2018-19 Audited Financial Statements, 2019-20 Budget, Custodian Ratification, Locally Developed Courses, Land Acknowledgement Statement, West End School Programming Review, Policy Development, Community Engagement/Advocacy, Electoral Boundary Review, Board Planning Session, ASCA Online Engagement, Remembrance Day, ATA Induction, School Visits

November 09, 2019

Black Gold School Division facing serious financial adversity

With the current economic state of our province, like so many Albertans, Black Gold School Division is facing serious financial adversity. Heading into this school year, Black Gold School Division made some fiscally conservative choices in order to prepare for what we were assuming would be a budget of austerity. This included reducing Division Office… Read more »

October 30, 2019

Black Gold School Division-wide emergency alert test to take place November 18

Black Gold School Division will be testing its emergency alert notifications using our student information system contacts on Monday, November 18, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. The test is meant to help identify any gaps in the system and to bring awareness to our emergency notification process. During an emergency, our FIRST PRIORITY is to protect… Read more »