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April 18, 2018

Celebration of the Arts provides profound experience to 300 plus Black Gold Regional School arts students

Friday, April 13, 2018, Black Gold Regional Schools wrapped up another highly successful Celebration of the Arts, which highlighted the talents of approximately 300 high school student-artists/performers and several teachers in music, theatre, photography, film and visual arts programs from amongst seven Black Gold Regional High Schools. This was the Division’s third Celebration of the Arts (in the last six years), which is a special evening meant to provide student-artists/performers an opportunity to showcase, cultivate and celebrate their skills in an elevated setting and expose them to an art world that they may not have known existed otherwise.

Board Chair, Barb Martinson stated, “The Board of Trustees of Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 could not be more proud of the outstanding student and staff achievements tonight.  Black Gold has some of the best high school arts programs in the province, maybe even the country, and it is a real privilege for the Board to be able to provide this unique opportunity for our students and staff to present a glimpse of our programs to the community, in one of the finest performances spaces in North America.”

Approximately 1,400 guests took in the gallery style art and photography showcase, film and media on-screen presentation, as well as, live performances at the Winspear Centre.  Emcees, Chris Peacocke, principal, and Taryn Foster, student, both of École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School, entertained the crowd throughout the full three hour evening.  Crowd highlights included drama performances from the musical Chicago and the movie Dirty Dancing, as well as, popular musical performances from the television series Hawaii Five-O, the band White Stripes and Walt Disney’s Aladdin. Student produced short films, from the Leduc Composite High School, were also incorporated throughout this year’s live performances. For many audience members, however, the real magic of the evening was illustrated, when the mass band, mass choir, Piatta Forma Singers and several other guests concluded the evening with a grand finale musical performance of When You Believe, from the movie The Prince of Egypt.


Melissa Baron, art and design studies teacher with École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School summarized the evening by stating, “These kids will always remember this night. They created something from nothing, and not just something, but something powerful that elicited an enthusiastic reaction from their community. This is the sort of experience that gives them hope and uplifts them. It provides meaning. My mother, an active member of the art community, told me as I started my career as an art teacher, ‘Never underestimate the power of art.’ I don’t know how to not underestimate this power, as I am frequently presented with new experiences that reinforce the overwhelming importance and power of art in our students’ lives.”

For some students, this will be the largest, grandest venue, and audience, that they will ever play in front of. For others, this will be the launching point of their art careers. Regardless, the Celebration of the Arts is an evening that all the Black Gold students should remember with great pride.

A great deal of planning and work went into this event such as transporting equipment and art, rehearsals, scripting, set up and tear down.  Special thanks to all those teachers, students, volunteers, parents and community stakeholders who helped to make this event possible. Without the volunteer support from the community, teachers, students and volunteers, this unique student-focused learning experience would not be possible.

Participating High Schools

  • Calmar Secondary School
  • Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School
  • John Maland High School
  • Leduc Composite High School
  • New Sarepta Community High School
  • Thorsby Junior/Senior High School
  • Warburg School

Special Thanks

  • All Black Gold Regional School students and staff who have dedicated many hours of their time to make this evening a memorable success!
  • The One 93.1 FM – Blackgold Broadcasting
  • Official Celebration of the Arts photographs supplied by:
    • Kaley Taylor, English and Photography Teacher, École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School
  • Celebration of the Arts promotional art supplied by:
    • Program Front Page – Hayley Gruninger, Grade 11, Warburg School
    • Program Back Page – Art 20 Students, Warburg School
    • Poster – Butterfly – Hayley Gruninger, Grade 11, Warburg School
    • Poster – Pencil drawing – Erika Tessier, Grade 11, Warburg School

Event Photos

Official Program

News Release – Celebration of the Arts 2018