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March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update – Student Fees & Refunds – March 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We hope you are taking good care of yourself and each other.  

The unprecedented cancelling of classes indefinitely has brought up many questions regarding student fees and refunds. The following information is provided in response to some of your questions.

Black Gold School Division has removed all Non-Curricular Travel and Activity Fees (Field Trips) from Rycor for events that have been stopped due to the cancellation of classes. The removal of the fee will create a credit on account for this amount. Administrative Procedure 505, states “If the student is continuing their education in the Division, a credit will remain on account for any refunded fees unless the parent requests to be paid out (a payment will not be issued for amounts less than $5.00). Payments will not be issued if there are other fees outstanding to the Division.  A parent may apply for a student fee to be refunded by contacting the school office and requesting the refund. 

Black Gold School Division is in the process of refunding all Pre-Kindergarten fees from mid-March to the end of June and cancelling payment plan instalments from April to June. 

With Spring Break coming up next week, the focus for credits will be for Non-Curricular Travel, Activity Fees (Field Trips) and Pre-Kindergarten Fees. We are awaiting further direction from Alberta Education regarding other fees.  Following Spring Break, the Division hopes to be able to update you regarding Optional Courses, Extra-Curricular, Enhanced ECS, Transportation, Technology and Non-Curricular Goods and Services Fees. As we work diligently to issue a high volume of credits and refunds, we ask for your understanding and patience. 

When a credit is issued on account, it is visible the next time you log into your PowerSchool Parent account. When a refund has been issued, a refund receipt will be forwarded to the email address provided when you registered your student in PowerSchool Enrollment.

Please continue to monitor your emails and the Division’s website for regular updates.  This is how we will keep you up-to-date with any new information.  


William Romanchuk
Superintendent of Schools/CEO
Black Gold School Division

Black Gold School Division Administrative Procedure 505 – Student Fees
COVID-19 Update – Student Fees & Refunds – March 25, 2020