Black Gold School Division


ESL Junior Kindergarten

In response to a growing English as a Second Language (ESL) community within the Black Gold School Division boundaries, Student Services excited to announce the opening of a ESL Junior Kindergarten program at Ecole Dansereau Meadows School in Beaumont for the 2023-2024 school year.

The ESL Junior Kindergarten program is a social, play-based targeted learning program for children whose main language at home is not English. The program allows your child to grow, interact, imagine, experiment, and explore while enhancing their English language skills.

The ESL Junior Kindergarten program is a half-day program, four days a week, led by a certified teacher with an Education Assistant. There is a dedicated classroom at the school for the program, designed to meet the students’ unique needs.

In order to be accepted into the program, children have to be three years and eight months (3 years 8 months) of age on August 31st of the respective school year. Consider having an intake screening and find out if your child can qualify for *free ESL Junior Kindergarten with us.

Please note: To be eligible for ESL Junior Kindergarten, your child can only have ESL as a need. If our team identifies your child presents with a developmental delay through intake or in class, they will need to transition to our specialized PreK early intervention site in Beaumont.

For more information, please email

*Although the programming is free for children that qualify, there is a yearly material enhancement fee of $80.