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April 25, 2016

Excellent First Year Teachers Recognized

Edwin Parr Teacher Award Division Nominations 2016

Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 (BGRD) is pleased to announce that Angela Hostetler and Melissa Verchere have been nominated in the Division for the 2016 Zone 2/3 Edwin Parr Teacher Award.

Both nominations were recognized at April’s Regular Board Meeting by the Board of Education for their excellent teaching abilities.

The Edwin Parr Award recognizes outstanding work by first year teachers in Alberta. Established in 1964 the award has always represented quality teaching and exemplary work.

Congratulations Angela and Melissa!

Angela Hostetler

Angela is a beginning teacher working within the Town of Beaumont at École Dansereau Meadows School where she is a Learning support teacher for Grade 3-8, a mind up Mentor teacher and also teaches junior high options.

Some of Angela’s teaching strengths include:

  • She allows students to minimize their weakness and maximize their strengths by using a variety of teaching strategies that appeal to her students varied learning styles. Use of large and small groups, games, experiments, journaling and humor are a common occurrence in her classes;
  • Angela uses a variety of learning resources including images, video, music, experiments and picture books to capture student interest;
  • She is a participant in a research study group at the U of A titled “Developing a Pedagogy of Social Justice through Post-Colonial literature” and readily shares literature ideas with her colleagues; and
  • She is an excellent listener, assertive with her expectations, believes in teamwork, and often stays late to work with students.



Melissa Verchere

Melissa is a beginning teacher working within the Village of Warburg at Warburg School where she teaches Math 6 and 7, Science 7 and Junior High Career and Technology Foundations.

Some of Melissa’s teaching strengths include:

  • She allows students to reach their potential by being acutely aware of each of their learning needs and by collaborating with instructional coaches and CAP team members to expand her pedagogical repertoire;
  • Melissa develops positive self-concept within her students by emphasizing the 8 habits of successful students and by contributing to the adoption of the Leader in Me Program;  a school wide initiative;
  • She contributes a significant amount of personal time coaching school spots such as basketball. volleyball and soccer; and
  • She demonstrates a genuine concern for students and emphasizes interpersonal skills by modelling questioning, problem solving, social awareness, self-management, respect and assertive  behaviors.


Thank you to École Dansereau Meadows School, Warburg School and their administrators Susanne Stroud and Patrick Bohnet, respectively for their efforts in completing the nomination process.