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November 19, 2019

Family Wellness Fun Night at Bellevue

Many schools in Black Gold School Division are focusing on improving the social emotional wellness of their students.  Learning self awareness and self management is often the first goal in working to improve social emotional wellness. When students learn about their emotions and about regulation, they start to understand their feelings and why they get upset. They also learn strategies that help bring them back to “green” or calm.

École Bellevue School hosted families from around Beaumont and area on November 7th for a Family Wellness Fun Night.  The main goal of the night was to allow families to have fun with each other in a variety of different games and activities. At the same time, families also learned more about social emotional wellness and how to help their children with regulation.

The varied games that families participated in often increased their physical activity, which is known to help students with regulation.  There were challenges, which can cause some students to become deregulated, but are a lot of fun.  They also had activities that taught regulation strategies, like breathing, meditation, yoga, and colouring.  Finally, they had an opportunity to talk with each other, to hear how each person was feeling and reconnect at the Family Connection station.

Families enjoyed having an opportunity to connect more as a family, to have the chance to play, and learn strategies to help their children.