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Five reasons to celebrate École J.E. Lapointe School’s Modernization

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Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 and its partners are well on their way to a fully modernized school!

We have five reasons to celebrate the modernization:

  1. Value-added. You’re one of the lucky ones. While other communities are lobbying for new and modernized schools, the budget for this multi-million dollar modernization is staying in your community.
  2. The timing is right. This project marks the first major change to the facility since 1985 (aside from portables being added throughout the years). AND with the Beaumont Configuration being currently reviewed, we can help to ensure this modernization is fully utilized.
  3. There are gains to be made. Modernization can be linked to student attendance and academic improvements as well as teacher job satisfaction and retention.
  4. Modern world-class facilities. Students and staff will have access to well-designed classrooms and spaces that will be more student-centred and responsive to the needs of the students.
  5. Healthy environments. Modernization means improved air, lighting, heating and cooling systems which can impact the health of our students and staff. Everyone will be working and learning in an even healthier facility.

View our full infographic to find more modernization highlights and details.

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