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September 23, 2019

Janet Sarvas recognized as the 2019 Superintendent’s Service Award of Excellence

Superintendent Romanchuk presented Janet Saravs with the 2019 Superintendent’s Service Award of Excellence at Welcome Back & Long Service Awards Ceremony this year.

The Superintendent’s Service Award recognizes recipients that demonstrate outstanding spirit and excellence and inspire others to perform their best in the Division. As Romanchuk stated when he presented the award “Good enough, is NOT good enough.  This award recognizes people who are leaders in their field, who create a positive culture in our schools”. 

Janet is a library clerk, education assistant and secretary at Warburg School and has provided more than 17 years of service to the Division. On a daily basis, she makes a positive impact on those around her. 

Currently Janet services 300 students and 30 staff members and circulated over 7,000 books with her daily .5 library clerk allocation and is instrumental in this role. She goes out of her way to inspire reluctant readers to have a passion for reading.  

Janet has excelled in her area of work, and has earned the respect of her colleagues for her teamwork and contribution to staff morale and spirit. She is a vital member of her school community and was referred to as the “unsung hero of the Warburg School”. Every student speaks highly of Janet and every staff member relies on her expertise. 

Janet is a testament to how deeply our employees care about the overall wellness of our Black Gold community, and that the commitment they have to building positive relationships with every student and staff member, goes far beyond the minimum requirements of their job.  

Congratulations Janet Sarvas! 

2019 Superintendent’s Service Award of Excellence Recognition Video

2019 Superintendent’s Service Award of Excellence – Janet Sarvas & Nominators