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Leduc Family of Schools Configuration Review Finalized

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In 2006, Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 (BGRD) included a request for a new school in the Division’s 2006 capital plan submission and, in 2011, it had become the Division’s number one priority for a new school. The request for a new school was supported by projected enrolment data, compiled because of the significant growth in Leduc.

On May 2, 2013 the Minister of Education and Minister of Infrastructure announced that approval had been granted for the construction of a Kindergarten to Grade 9 school, with an opening capacity of 500, and a future capacity of 700.

The new school, named West Haven Public School, is being constructed in the neighborhood of West Haven within the City of Leduc. West Haven Public School is expected to open September 2016.  As a result of the new school, school attendance area boundaries and school grade configurations within the City of Leduc were reviewed. This review process started in October 2013 and included several staff, school council and community engagements. After the said process was completed, recommendations were forwarded by the Configuration Review Committee to the BGRD Board of Education. These recommendations received approval on June 18, 2014.

On November 25, 2015, the BGRD Board of Education requested Administration to review the enrolment projections in Leduc to determine if any minor adjustments were required to the June 18, 2014 approved Configuration Review for the Leduc Family of Schools. As a result, Administration proceeded to review enrolment projections, and the existing recommendations, in order to verify if minor changes were required.

Leduc Family of Schools Configuration Finalized

On January 13, 2016, the BGRD Board of Education ratified its configuration of the Leduc Family of Schools. One modification was accepted at the January 13, 2016 Board Meeting to the previously accepted Configuration Review for the Leduc Family of Schools.

The modification was Leduc Estates School Grade 6 English students will remain at Leduc Estates School commencing the fall of 2016. This modification is reflective of the public comments received during the 2014 community engagement. Originally, Administration was not able to confidently commit to the public request as future student enrolment data was too far out to determine whether or not it would be feasible to accommodate the number of English Grade 6’s at the school. After considering updated data, the Administration determined keeping Grade 6 English at Leduc Estates School was in fact feasible based on the updated numbers.

What the Finalized Configuration Means for Leduc Family of Schools

The recently completed configuration, due to significant growth in Leduc, has allowed BGRD to review student capacities in all of its Leduc Family of Schools and utilization of its school space.  The configuration has also allowed the Division to enhance programs. For example, with the approved configuration, there will be an expansion of the French Immersion Program on the west side of Leduc, and additional Pre-Kindergarten Programs will be added throughout the Division.

Change has been and will continue to be a constant in Leduc. As the City of Leduc continues to change, enrolment configuration will be a certainty that residents will be presented with. However, growth and a new school, is a great problem to have. Configuration reviews assist the Division in finding new ways to take advantage of change and become more efficient and effective in its goals of inspiring success, providing supportive environments and managing its resources responsibly.


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