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November 19, 2015

Red Flashing Light Provincial Awareness Survey

Red Flashing Lights

In an effort to assist the Flashing Red Light Awareness Committee with tracking the effects of their recent the Flashing Red Light Awareness campaign, the following survey posted below is available to the public.  This survey is to help determine the level of awareness that currently exists and to understand if there is more educating of the public that needs to be done to alleviate vehicles passing the school buses while the alternating flashing red lights are on and buses are loading and unloading. The survey will close December 15, 2015. 

Note: The Red Flashing Light Committee is a sub-committee of the School Bus Safety Committee.  The School Bus Safety Committee includes members from government, industry (both public and private), as well as school boards who are involved in all aspects of school bus safety.  The goal of the sub-committee is to educate the public on school bus safety in order to reduce the number of school bus fly-bys.  A school bus fly-by occurs when a vehicle does not stop when a school bus has its red flashing lights activated to pick up or drop off a student.