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School Naming Committee seeks public members

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School Naming Committee seeks public members

The Black Gold School Division Board of Trustees is seeking two (2) members of the public to serve on a School Naming Committee for a three-month term starting in late November 2021.

The Division is building a new high school in the city of Leduc, with construction starting in spring 2022. As per Administrative Policy 541: Naming of Facilities, where possible, new facilities will be assigned names before construction begins.

The School Naming Committee reports to the Board of Trustees and includes school trustees, administrative staff, students and school council representatives, along with municipal officials and members of the public. This voluntary ad hoc committee will meet four times during its term, as required.

Submission of Applications
Those interested in serving on the School Naming Committee are invited to email a letter of interest indicating why they should be on the committee to Camille Hendrickson at by 4 p.m. on Friday, November 26, 2021.

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