Black Gold School Division


Early Childhood Services and Programs are Subject to Change

Notice for 2020 - 2021

Families should be aware that Alberta Education is currently reviewing the funding framework in which school jurisdictions are allocated funds.  

Until the review is finalized and communicated by Alberta Education, Black Gold School Division is unclear what, if any, impact the new framework will have on Black Gold School Division’s Spring Budget.  The funding framework may impact how funds will be allocated to certain programs such as our Early Childhood Services.

That being said, all the content in the Early Childhood Services Guide booklet, including what programs and services Black Gold School Division provides, where the programs are delivered, and who is eligible in terms of Pre-Kindergarten funding and programming, is subject to change in the Spring.  As well, all Early Childhood Services are reviewed by Black Gold School Division on an annual basis and are subject to change based on enrolment, space and program viability.  

The Division will continue to update this booklet and our website with any changes that occur to Early Childhood Services. 

Be assured that Black Gold School Division is committed to providing your child a quality education, in a safe and caring environment now and well into the future.