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August 29, 2019

Setting the Stage for Success

Black Gold School Division hosted its annual Beginning Teacher Workshop – an orientation for teachers who were new to the Division on August 22nd. This year, approximately 35 teachers gathered at École Champs Vallée School to take in a range of information they will need for their time in the Division: from details on payroll/benefits to suggestions on classroom management and the importance of building strong relationships with students and fellow staff.

“Everyone knows that teaching can be a very challenging, yet rewarding profession,” stated Norm Dargis, the Division’s Associate Superintendent of Learning Services. “At Black Gold, we want to make sure we help our newer teachers set the stage for success.  After all, we all know that success is not a happy accident. It takes hard work and preparation to achieve success.”

The interactive workshop was designed seven years ago to allow teachers new to Black Gold an opportunity to gain practical working and preparation tools they need to get started on their Black Gold journey. The daily agenda covers things such as conscious classroom management, best practices for classroom setup/routines, lesson planning, teaching survival tips and relationship building to support teacher and student success.


This year, the event started with greetings from the Division’s new Superintendent of Schools, WIlliam Romanchuk.  While reminiscing with teachers about his very first teaching day, the Superintendent expressed the importance of respecting students; communicating regularly and effectively; building positive relationships with parents; and regularly networking amongst fellow teachers and principals. Later Workshop Presenters ranged from seasoned veteran teachers to newer teachers in the Division.  All of whom, have the inside working knowledge of Black Gold and what preparation is necessary to overcome any hurdles new teachers might face throughout the school year.

Many 2019 Beginning Teacher Workshop evaluations stated the most valuable aspect of the workshop was the chance to engage with fellow teachers and presenters, create networks and to feel connected.

“We know how important connections are to teacher success, and we try to make sure we provide ongoing network and collaboration opportunities for all teachers in Black Gold,” stated Calvin Monty, the Division’s Associate Superintendent of Human Resources. “This workshop is just one of the ways we invest in our teachers at an early period of their career at Black Gold.  We believe this investment will have a significant impact on their likelihood of future success in this profession, with our students and in our Division.”