Black Gold School Division

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Back Row: Left to Right: Barb Martinson; Shawna Ofstie; Devonna Klaassen, Chair; Rebecca Eilander; Esther Eckert; Sarah O’Gorman, Vice-Chair; Robyn Steed. Front Row: Left to Right: Associate Superintendent Human Resources & Administration, Calvin Monty; Associate Superintendent Business & Finance, Ruth Andres; (former) Superintendent of Schools, Norman Yanitski; Superintendent of Schools (as of July 1, 2019), Bill Romanchuk


As members of the Board of Trustees of Black Gold School Division, we commit ourselves to working with staff members and other relevant stakeholder groups to provide the highest possible standard of educational opportunities for our students.  Our goal is to help students fulfill personal aspirations while they learn how to become life-long learners and contributing members of society.



Robyn Steed

County Central

Rebecca Eilander

County East

Esther Eckert


County West

Shawna Ofstie


Devonna Klaassen, Chair


Sarah O’Gorman, Vice-Chair


Barb Martinson