Black Gold School Division



The Black Gold School Division offers a variety of exciting career opportunities enhanced by attractive compensation packages! Please visit our employment opportunities to view current openings.

Core Goal: to build relationships and provide BGSD with an effective workforce while meeting the needs of our people and our communities.

Core Purpose: to create a supportive environment where people are encouraged and passionate about becoming exemplary employees.

Values: In order to advance our division’s core goal: Inspiring Success, the human resources department shares the following values:

  • Commitment to people: therefore, we will assist employees in achieving their personal goals insofar as these goals enhance the individual’s contributions to BGSD.
  • Productive Contribution of Individuals: therefore, we will both assist BGSD in attracting quality employees and foster a work environment that facilitates high employee performance.
  • Supportive and Respectful Interactions: therefore, we will be courteous and understanding in our contact with others.
  • Cooperation: therefore, we will strive to be easy with which to do business.
  • Flexibility: therefore, we will focus on being creative problem solvers.
  • Life-Long Learning: therefore, we will engage in learning to cultivate our competencies and increase our knowledge in the field of strategic human resources.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: therefore, we will promote a safe, healthy, and productive work environment.
NEWThe Black Gold School Division has an Employee Resource Group (ERG): People Like Us (PLUS)
  • The purpose of the PLUS is to enhance the work environment at Black Gold School Division for employees and job seekers. Our goal is to make a better and safer workplace for all by increasing the visibility, value, and voice of underrepresented people in leadership and staff. For more information, or to join, email