Black Gold School Division


School Programs

Black Gold School Division has a goal of meeting the needs of all our students in this ever changing world.  We offer families a multitude of choices in educational programming for their student.

Elementary Programming – consists of early entry, kindergarten, dual track (French Immersion and English) in Beaumont and some Leduc Schools, and English as a second language. Our inclusive schools provide a program for all learners in a safe and caring learning environment. Our team includes classroom teachers, educational assistants, program consultants and division office staff all committed to ensure the best possible education for your children.

Junior High Schools – offer regular programming with French Immersion offered in Beaumont and Leduc. As well as offering a well rounded extra-curricular program they offer some exclusive sports program focusing on excellence.

High School programs – are rich in opportunity. Diploma marks in our high schools are consistently higher than the provincial average.  All of our schools offer a full range of academic programming and some offer specialty programming.  They offer off-campus education such as Work Experience and the Registered Apprenticeship Program with opportunities to blend programs within some schools. All schools offer an extensive extra-curricular program that will meet your students’ needs.
Two of our larger high schools have unique programs;

  • École Beaumont Composite High School is unique in that it is a dual track school with French Immersion and English for academic courses.  It also offers CTS, band, drama and an extensive extra-curricular program and specialty programs that meet the needs of all students.
  • Leduc Composite High School is unique in that it is a dual track school with French Immersion and English for academic courses, has extensive CTS opportunities and is excellent in music and drama programming and specialty programs that meet the needs of all students.

French Immersion (FI) – Black Gold School Division offers Early French Immersion in its Beaumont and Leduc Family of Schools with the objective of providing full mastery of the English language, functional fluency in French, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the French culture. BGSD’s Early French Immersion program is a highly effective way for students to become functionally fluent in French while achieving all of the objectives of a regular school program. Early immersion means that students will begin their immersion experience in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and continue in the program to Grade 12. Find out more…

Work Experience – A Black Gold Off-Campus Education Program is all about students learning valuable work skills beyond the walls of their school. A company work site within their community becomes their ‘Classroom’. The school Off-Campus Education Coordinator helps students locate a business that wants to partner with the school in their learning experience. The purpose of this program is to familiarize students with the world of work. Real-life resumes and interviews can help them land a quality job, while customized skill and safety training give students the opportunity to excel at their work site.

Dual Credit Opportunities – As part of our commitment to Inspire Success in our students, Black Gold School Division (BGSD) offers a program which provides a dual credit opportunity to our high school students. Through the program, students will earn college credits and high school credits by completing college-level coursework.  This program is in partnership with Lakeland College, Northern Lakes College, Olds College, Portage College, SAIT, and Alberta Education. More information in the 2023-2024 Dual Credit Handbook.

International Student Program – The International Student Program at Black Gold School Division is a highly sought-after program that provides students from around the world a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Canadian culture and receive high-quality education. The program offers flexible placement options, including 4-week, 12 week, 20-week, and full-year placements, to suit the needs of students seeking a Canadian education. Additionally, the program offers a welcoming and supportive community, experienced educators, and a diverse range of academic and extracurricular programs to help students reach their full potential. Overall, the International Student Program at Black Gold School Division provides a rich and rewarding educational experience that prepares students for success in their academic and personal lives. Learn more…