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Plan your future – myBlueprint!

Welcome to myBlueprint Education Planner, an education and career/life planning program with the tools students need to make the most informed decisions about their future. It focuses on preparing junior high school students for high school, and junior and senior high school students for life after Black Gold!

Students Accounts

Let’s get started!
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Grade 7-9Grade 10-12
If your school is listed – Choose your SchoolChoose your school
If your school is not listed – Choose Black Gold Regional ElementaryInput your Alberta Student Number (ASN) and your birthday
Pick the student logo and your gradeAnswer the question prompts
Input your Alberta Student Number (ASN) and your birthdayActivate your Account
Answer the question prompts
Activate your account

As a student you have access to many great features within your myBlueprint account! When you first log in, you will see your Home screen, where you can access your Dashboard, Tasks, Class Activities, Goals and Portfolios

From the navigation menu on the left-hand side of your screen, you can access a range of features including:

  • Who Am I – Complete 5 assessments to learn and discover more about yourself, including Learning Styles, Myers-Briggs Personality, Holland Interests, Knowledge, and Motivations
  • High School – Visually plan courses, track progress toward graduation, and instantly identify post-secondary eligibility for opportunities in all destinations
  • Post-Secondary – Explore post-secondary options and compare detailed information on apprenticeships, college programs, university programs, and workplace sectors across Canada
  • Occupations – Explore occupations and compare comprehensive information on job outlooks, salary ranges, and more, including the ability to identify occupations that are a good match

Family Account

As a parent/guardian, can I access the myBlueprint Education Planner?
Yes! You can create an account and link to your child(ren) by following the steps below.

Why would I want access to myBlueprint Education Planner?
The family account allows you to view student artifacts and reflections, including the goals they are setting, occupations they are interested in, and what they are learning in school. 

You can log in to your account to comment on your child’s work or receive messages from their teacher(s). Keep in mind that the Family Account has read-only access for linked student accounts – it does not allow you to complete activities or post to portfolios within the student’s account. Within your account, you have two options to access the myBlueprint student interface: 

  1. The Student View – a demonstration student account for you to try all its features for yourself (see What’s the Student View Button? below)
  2. The Student Overview and View Account options – allow you to access the accounts of your linked students (see How can I access my child’s account? below)

Want to watch a video tutorial about the Family Account? Visit

Options for creating your Family Account 

Option #1: Request an invitation from a Student

Have the student log in to their myBlueprint account, then:

  1. Click the Create Account button in the email you received and follow the sign-up steps 
  2. Click their Name in the top-right corner 
  3. Select My Links
  4. Click Add Link
  5. Enter your name and email address  

Option #2: Sign up with the District Landing Page

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your child’s school and click Create Account
    • If your child’s school is not listed please pick Black Gold Regional Elementary
  3. Select Family/Advisor, and your child’s grade range (7-12) 
  4. Click Continue and fill out the sign up form
  5. Click Create My Account
  6. Enter your child’s email address that they use to log in to their myBlueprint account, and click Add Student (note: your child will have to approve your link request under My Links)
  7. Click Continue 

Engaging with your child’s work  
Once you have linked with your child, click on the Student Feed option in the left-hand menu. From here, you will see your child’s most recent work that they have added to their portfolios. If your account is linked with multiple students, you can cycle between them by clicking on their names along the right-hand side.

Providing comments and feedback 

For tips on how to provide feedback on your child’s learning and sample conversation prompts, click here!

You can also include media with your comments in the form of audio or video recordings, images, or files! Simply click the paper clip icon and select one of the media attachment options.

Want to provide comments and feedback on your child’s work? Enter your feedback in the comment box below an artifact, and click the blue button to post it. 

How can I access my child’s account? 

  1. Click on the Overview button at the top of the student feed

Click on the Eye Icon in the top-right corner 

This will open your child’s account in a new tab