Black Gold School Division


Trustee Handbook

“The trustee is a model of representative democracy. Constituents elect their representatives as ‘trustees’ (or ‘entrust’ them) for their constituency. These ‘trustees’ have sufficient autonomy to deliberate and act in favor of the greater common good, even if it means going against the short-term interests of their own constituencies.”

–ASBA Powerpoint “About School Boards & Trustees – Grade 6 Local Government

“School boards work with, and are the voice of, parents and public community members, ensuring the best education possible for all children everywhere in Alberta. They care about the needs of children today and for the future. School boards provide important insight into the public education system, ensuring parents’ voices, students’ needs and school community thinking, remain at the forefront of our education system.”

–ASBA (Alberta School Boards Association) website



The Black Gold School Division (BGSD) Trustee Handbook serves as a point of reference and sets the foundation for common understanding for school trustees, the superintendent of schools, administration and staff about the policies, principles, procedures and practices related to Board governance and operations at the Division.

This handbook includes expectations and procedures for individual trustees, both as members of the Board of Trustees and as representatives of the communities (wards) that elected them. Trustees are expected to govern themselves accordingly. Annually, the Board evaluates itself against the principles and expectations contained in this handbook to continually improve its governance practices.

The BGSD Trustee Handbook is published on the Division website to foster greater transparency and accountability in relation to the Board’s operations and conduct. Transparency around the role and responsibilities of an elected Board of Trustees and how it is meeting its own standards and expectations leads to improved public confidence.


Table of Contents

Mission Statement and Core Values

School Division Overview

Division Map/Ward Maps

Directory of Schools

School Board Roles & Responsibilities

Board Policies & Committees

Frequently Asked Questions



This document is a compendium of information and links derived from the federal and provincial orders of government, and from school boards across the country. We wish to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following:

  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Alberta
  • Alberta School Boards Association
  • Alberta School Councils’ Association
  • Alberta Teachers Association
  • The College of Alberta School Superintendents
  • Association of School Business Officials of Alberta
  • North American Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response
  • Wetaskiwin School Division
  • Chinook’s Edge School Division
  • Ontario Public School Boards Association

We have tried to acknowledge all of the sources of information to the best of our ability.  If we have unintentionally omitted anyone, please let us know and we will be happy to add it in.