Black Gold School Division


Busing Applications, Payment & Fees

How do I apply for busing?

Students who ride on Division school buses require a bus pass, and must apply for busing each year. This includes:

Eligible (students attending their designated school who reside 1 km or more away (K – Gr. 6), or 2 km or more away (Gr. 7-12));

Newly Eligible Students: Parents/guardians whose children live between 1 km to 2.4 km (Kindergarten to Grade 6), and those who live between 2 km to 2.4 km (Grades 7 to 12) from their designated schools and want to ride a school bus must submit their application forms by June 30, 2024, in order to access transportation for the 2024-2025 school year.

Ineligible (students attending their designated school who reside less than 1 km (K – Gr.6), or less than 2 km (Gr. 7-12)), and

School of Choice students (those attending a school other than their designated school, when available). The Transportation Department reviews School of Choice availability after September 15.

To apply for your child’s transportation:

  1. Access the online payment system by logging into your PowerSchool Parent portal.
  2. Click on “Student Fees and Forms” in the “Navigation” toolbar.
  3. Upon registration for transportation, parents/guardians will be required to pay 50% of the transportation fee, with the balance due at the end of January. Where the total transportation fees owing is greater than $150, parent/guardians can set up monthly payment plans with the first payment due upon registration, and the remaining payments due on the first of each month from October to February. Should your family be experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the Transportation Department for alternate arrangements.
  4. Please complete one of the following forms under the student’s account:

    Transportation Applications, or 
    Payment Plan Transportation Applications 

    If there is no form available or a family rate form is required, please contact Transportation staff at 780.955.6025.

After successful completion of the above, bus passes* will be mailed out to the grades K-3 students. Passes for Grades 4-12 can be picked up at their respective schools during the first week of school.

During the school year, parents requiring assistance with their PowerSchool account should contact their schools directly.

If you do not have a PowerSchool Parent account or require assistance during summer break, please contact the Division Office at 780.955.6025 and request help from the Data Team. For STAR Catholic rural busing, please contact the Transportation Department at 780.955.6048 for registration forms.

*All applications for transportation will be subject for approval by the Transportation Department. Please note that there is a one week wait for bus passes.

What are the busing fees?

Eligible Students (students attending their designated school who
reside 1 km or more away (K-Gr.6) or 2km or more away (Gr.7-12))
Grades 1-12$75.00
Maximum Rate Per Family$187.50
Ineligible Students (students who reside less than 1 km away (Gr.K-6) or less than 2km away (Gr.7-12) from the school they are attending)
Grades 1-12$380.00
Maximum Rate Per Family$950.00
School of Choice (students attending a school other than their designated school who reside 1km or more away (K-Gr.6) or 2km or more away (Gr.7-12))
Grades 1-12$150.00
Maximum rate per family$375.00
Other Transportation Fees
Replacement Bus Pass$20.00
Supplemental Bus(students accessing an additional bus to/from an alternate address)

Grades 1-12
Maximum rate per family


Transportation refunds / New fees for new or moved students

The Black Gold School Division does not provide a ‘winter-only’ bus service; students must register for year-round bus service by June 15.

Transportation fees will not be refunded after the first day of school unless:

  • The student leaves the Division prior to the end of the school year. In this case the fee will be prorated based on the number of months the student was registered for transportation.
  • The student moves from an Ineligible rider to an Eligible rider. In this case the fee will be prorated based on the number of months the student was registered for transportation. Students registering for transportation after the start of the school year will only have fees prorated if the student is new to the Division. Otherwise, transportation fees will only be prorated in special circumstances at the discretion of the Transportation Manager.

Paying for Transportation

Online payments are available for all transportation fees through PowerSchool Parent Portal. Families can go to their PowerSchool login and apply for transportation and the appropriate applicable fees can be seen once you add busing to your cart.

All forms of payments (cheque, credit, debit, cash) will be accepted at your school or at the Division Office. Please note that we do not take credit card numbers over the phone.

For more information, please contact:

Diane Miles
Transportation Manager
Phone: 780.955.6034

Lindsay Beveridge
Transportation Assistant
(780) 955-6048