Black Gold School Division



Vision, Beliefs and Goals

Our motivation for using technology is to enhance and extend learning. We envision classrooms where readily available digital tools and resources engage learners and teachers in the collaborative pursuit of challenging and personalized, learning experiences.  Students will demonstrate ethically responsible use of digital tools reflective of today’s global, digital world. 

Our belief is that digital technologies play an integral role in preparing students as future global citizens. Technology is used to engage students and make connections to life in and beyond the classroom. Digital resources used throughout the curriculum help students to successfully live, learn, work and communicate in our evolving cross-cultural digital society. The best use of digital tools and resources is to focus their application on higher order thinking skills and personalizing learning in a collaborative setting. All students as developing digital citizens should have ready access to available digital technologies in the course of their school work. All staff should have ready access to appropriate technologies and support in the use of digital tools and resources.

Black Gold Regional Division 3 Year Technology Plan PDF – BGSD Technology Plan

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device is an initiative that encourages students (and staff) to use their own electronic devices in classrooms to personalize their learning. While all are encouraged to bring their own technology to school, BYOD programs have clear goals for student use within a classroom as determined by the school within the context of the BGSD Technology Plan.  All classrooms have access to a cart of devices that are available to students who do not have a device, have forgotten it, require a device with a better keyboard, etc. In addition to devices all schools in BGSD have a public wireless system for students to connect their personal devices,  a BGSD username and password is all that is required. This network has the same content filters that is applied for all student devices.

Please visit the BGSD-BYOED website for information on How to Connect

The website also covers purchasing a BYOED device, Information for parents to help manage internet access and Digital Citizenship resources.

Please see our BYOD booklet for parents, a downloadable PDF – BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Link to BGSD BYOD information site

BCOM-BYOD Purchasing Brochure – purchasing options

BGSD – Staples 2022/23 BYOD – purchasing options

Digital Citizenship

Published by the Government of Canada – Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents