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Black Gold Virtual School

Black Gold Virtual School accepts registrations from students enrolled in any Alberta School Authority at no cost. To register, please contact your principal. If you currently attend a Black Gold school, please register through your principal.

If you have questions, you can contact us directly (see contact information below).

Semester 1 August 30, 2023 – January 26, 2024
Block 210:09 – 11:24Mathematics 30-1Mr. Darcy Skinner
Block 312:20 – 1:37Science 20Mr. Mark Rothfos
Semester 1 final registration date is September 18, 2023

Semester 2 February 1, 2024 – June 21, 2024
Block 312:20 – 1:37Science 30Ms. Alex LaBarge
Block 41:51 – 3:05Mathematics 31Mr. Tyler Verge
Semester 2 final registration date is February 16, 2024

Please complete the Black Gold Virtual School Registration 2023-2024 for students currently enrolled in an Alberta School Authority.

Black Gold Virtual School is accepting registrations from partner School Divisions at no cost.

  • Primary registration will be maintained by the resident Board of each student.
  • Students are required to attend daily classes (for special cases, principals must contact the Administrator to discuss possibilities).
  • Teachers will be online for instruction, tutorials and questions every day.
  • Courses are to be completed by the end of each semester (regardless of registration date)
  • BGSD Teachers will communicate with parents regarding student achievement and behaviour.
  • Communication between BG Online Program and the resident Board will through the Board appointed liaisons.
  • Students will complete work according to a schedule created in collaboration between the student and the teacher.

Black Gold Virtual School
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Terri Reid – Curriculum Manager