Black Gold School Division


Bus Operators

Bus Operators

The Black Gold School Division does not own any buses and all bus routes are contracted. Contractors and their operators are a conscientious and professional group of individuals whose responsibility is the safe transportation of students to and from school. The students’ responsibility is to follow the rules and regulations, which have been implemented for the safety of the students and the drivers.  The parent’s responsibility is to go over the rules with their child to ensure a safe ride and to support the efforts of the driver to maintain student discipline on the bus.  Parents are also responsible for behaviour and supervision at the school bus stops.  Student or parent abuse of bus operators and other students will not be tolerated.

Bus drivers and contractors who operate for Black Gold School Division are required to have the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A copy of a driver’s license with the appropriate Class license for the size of the bus
  • An bi-annual Driver Abstract with no more than 6 demerits
  • An updated first aid certificate due every three years and equivalent to St. John’s Ambulance Emergency or Standard First Aid with CPR
  • A Criminal Records Check on file
  • Two written references
  • S Endorsement Certification
  • On-going safety training

Bus drivers are provided parent emergency contact information for all students on the route they are driving along with any medical information about that student.

Bus drivers are given a Bus Driver Handbook to assist them when operating a school bus.

If you are interested in becoming a school bus operator, contact the Transportation Department at (780) 955-6034 or (780) 955-6048.