Black Gold School Division


Substitute Teaching Staff

Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching with Black Gold School Division. When an advertisement for substitute teachers is posted to our website:

  • Customize your documents and forward your application by email directly to the Substitute Service Assistant.
  • Quote the competition number in the email subject line.

If your resume is selected, an application package will then be forwarded to you. The following documents must be submitted as part of your application package:

  • Application Form
  • Proof of Certification
  • Vulnerable Sector Check (issued within one year from the start of employment)
  • Intervention Record Check (issued within one year from the start of employment)
  • Copy of Social Insurance Card
  • Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll Funds
  • TD1/TD1AB

Please note: Applicants are responsible for expenses incurred obtaining required documents. All substitute teachers are required to hold the same qualifications and Alberta Education Certification as contracted teachers.  As well, substitutes must provide the same professional and personal documentation as a contracted teacher.