Black Gold School Division


Trustee and Senior Executive Expenses

Black Gold School Division is committed to effectively managing resources to support student learning, while maintaining open and honest communication with our stakeholders. Building upon the commitment to transparency outlined by the Government of Alberta, Black Gold School Division is publicly disclosing expenses from our Trustees and two of our senior administrators. This information provides details on travel, accommodation, meal and professional development expenses, and is a part of Black Gold Regional Division’s continued commitment to transparency.


Current Trustee Expenses

Devonna Klaassen – Ward 2

Esther Eckert (Chair) – Ward 4

Michelle Martin – Ward 1

Robyn Steed – Ward 4

Gary Hansen – Ward 3

Angie Charpentier (Vice Chair) – Ward 3

Barb Martinson – Ward 3


Senior Executive Expenses

Bill Romanchuk – Superintendent

Chelsey Volkman – Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance