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Rural Schools Engagement Survey

Thank you to everyone from Calmar, New Sarepta, Thorsby and Warburg who participated in the very successful “Check up – Check in” survey that closed on January 16, 2024.

We’re super-excited to announce our winners for outstanding engagement for the #BGSD 2024 Rural Schools ‘Check Up – Check In’ survey – New Sarepta Elementary School and Warburg School! Congratulations everyone!

Check out the photos and video of the big cheque presentations:

Division Principal Ray Cable (right) presents the big cheque to New Sarepta Elementary School.
Division Principal Ray Cable (second from right) presents the big cheque to New Sarepta Elementary School.

In the end, all of our rural schools are winners for their outstanding survey response rates. The insights provided by our school communities in Calmar, New Sarepta, Thorsby and Warburg are incredibly valuable as we strive to improve the educational experience for students within our rural schools.

Stay tuned for more updates on this engagement, and please continue to encourage participation within your school communities.

Again, thank you all for your ongoing support of public education.

Thank you for joining the conversation. At Black Gold we love what we do, but it doesn’t end there. We know we can always learn and improve, and we want to do better!

We are committed to listening to our school families in Calmar, New Sarepta, Thorsby and Warburg to better understand your perspectives and experiences on the quality of education at our schools. We also commit to using your feedback to help us better plan for the future.

How Do I Participate?

Lots has happened over the last number of years and so, it’s time for a “check up” and “check in.” Your participation and feedback via online survey and/or small group discussion will help us understand what’s working well, where improvement is required, and how we can improve.

Need something quick and easy?

Thank you for your interest; however, this survey is now closed.

*This survey is being conducted by Dialogue Partners, an internationally-recognized firm specializing in community engagement. Have questions? Please contact Danielle at

Ready for a deeper dive?

Register your name for a group discussion. We are bringing together small groups of our school community to dive into the details, and we’d love for you to be part of them.

Register for a group discussion here (now closed)

Questions or concerns? Please contact Danielle at: