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Becoming a Trustee

What do School Board Trustees do?

School board trustees are local politicians elected by and accountable to the community they serve. The provincial government delegates to school boards the responsibility for conducting the affairs of the school jurisdiction. School boards have numerous responsibilities, including but by no means limited to:

  • setting school division goals that ensure students have the knowledge and skills that enable them to be better prepared for life;
  • acting as a member of the negotiating team and represent the Board of Trustees in collective bargaining;
  • planning school division priorities based on provincial curriculum requirements, community input, available resources and best practices in education;
  • developing and implementing an annual budget for the school division based on curriculum requirements and strategic priorities.
  • developing policies to guide school jurisdiction administration and employees toward division goals;
  • ensuring residents of the school jurisdiction are regularly informed about the work and achievements of the school division;
  • advocating on behalf of the school community to decision-makers and stakeholders on important issues that affect education, and to ensure education is a top public priority;
  • ensuring regular opportunities for public input and access;
  • evaluating the school jurisdiction’s chief executive officer – the superintendent of schools.
Candidates are encouraged to refer to the Local Authorities Election Act and the School Act for complete information. These Acts are posted on the Alberta School Board Association website at

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