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Every child enrolled in Black Gold School Division has a designated school. The best way to find a child’s designated school is to use our Bus Planner portal. Please enter the home address to determine local school and bus transportation eligibility.


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Non-traditional Learning Opportunities

Black Gold is a leading school division in creating innovative programming to inspire and create success for students. The Division is committed to providing flexible learning options so every student can achieve. Non-traditional learning opportunities are available in cooperation with Division Schools to ensure quality program planning and transition. Coursework can be provided online or in print, synchronously or asynchronously, in a variety of environments. These environments can include a combination of school, outreach, virtual or home choices.

While we recognize that most students learn best in a classroom environment, this is not the case for all students. Every Learner should have equitable and reasonable access to educational opportunities regardless of ability, economic circumstances, location or cultural background. Their needs and way of life should be respected and valued within an inclusive learning environment. The following Non-traditional Learning opportunities give students access to a more flexible learning environment to complete their education in BGSD.


Home Education

Black Gold Home-Based School provides flexible options for students to complete coursework within the home environment. This provides opportunities for parent-directed or teacher-directed programs that are respectful of parent choice and collaboration. The most fundamental characteristic of a home education program relates to responsibility for supervision and instruction.

Parent Responsibility: Parents retain responsibility for educating the child (planning, supervising, and running the program).  They may use existing packaged programs, delivered but not developed by parents, or the parent (or a person named by the parent) may develop and deliver an education program.

Shared Responsibility: Parents have decided to share responsibility for educating the child with the School Division. A portion of the child’s program is delivered by the parents and a portion of the child’s program is delivered through BGSD.

Available to: Gr. 1-12 students in Black Gold

To Enroll: Contact the Home-based School Coordinator.


Outreach Schools

Black Gold Outreach Schools (located in Leduc LRC and Beaumont Community Centre) offer instruction through small groups and one-on-one opportunities.  Print-based modules are the main resource and attendance and/or non-attendance based programs allow students to choose a study environment that suits their individual learning style. Students may choose to attend a study hall, one-on-one tutorials, workshops, and program planning sessions through an individualized approach that allows staff to provide a personal academic success plan for each student.

The Junior high Program is a half-day attendance-based program where courses are semestered. Students are registered in a full program and over the course of the year, work on five core courses (Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science; and Health & Wellness).

The Senior high program offers independent, self-directed, and self-paced study programs that provide students with opportunities to work with teachers in an inviting atmosphere that promotes learning.  Courses are asynchronous, students develop a work schedule in collaboration with their teacher and students may complete multiple courses or one course at a time.

Available to: Gr: 7-12 in Black Gold

To enroll:  Junior High Program – contact your local school principal. High School program – contact the Outreach Principal.


Inter Ed

High School students registered at a community high school may not be able to take all the courses they want due to timetable conflicts. Black Gold Outreach School can offer these students the opportunity to take courses (primarily print-based modules) while remaining enrolled at their primary school. Inter Ed students have access to the same support services and courses that full-time Outreach students do.

Available to:  Grade 10 – 12 students enrolled in a Black Gold School

To enroll: Contact your local school principal.



High school students who are faced with timetabling conflicts, may also choose to take courses through Inreach in their community school.  Teachers within the school oversee the instruction and completion of print and online courses. Students can access their teacher for tutorials, labs, and assessment. The variety of courses offered through Inreach varies from school to school and depends on the expertise of teachers who are available to provide courses in any given year.

Available to: Grade 10 – 12 students enrolled in their community school

To enroll:  Contact your local school principal


Knowledge and Employability (K&E)

These courses are designed for students in grades 8 to 12 who demonstrate reading, writing, mathematical and/or other levels of achievement two to three grade levels below their age-appropriate grade. These courses provide students with opportunities to experience success and become well prepared for employment, further studies, citizenship and lifelong learning.


Virtual School 

High School students registered at a community high school anywhere in Alberta, in consultation with their principal, may enroll in one or more online courses through the Virtual School. Online programming is provided in a structured learning environment in which students engage virtually with their teachers daily. We currently have a limited number of courses available through the Virtual School. Alberta Education provides additional funding for students outside of Black Gold who enroll in our Virtual School.

Available to:  Grade 10 -12 students enrolled in any school in Alberta.

To enroll: Contact the BGSD Learning Services Curriculum Coordinator.


Dual Credit

Through the dual credit program, students earn college/university credits from a post-secondary institution and high school credits from their school by completing college/university-level courses. Online instruction is provided by the post-secondary institution.

Available to:  Grade 10 – 12 students registered in a Black Gold School

To enroll:  Contact your local school principal and the Dual Credit lead teacher.


Summer School

A full range of academic courses are available to help students prepare for upcoming classes, earn credits toward a high school diploma or upgrade a course. Students complete a 3 or 5-credit course from a variety of 10, 20 or 30 level subjects in less than four weeks. BGSD offers both attendance based (students attend half-day classes Monday to Friday) and non-attendance based (students work at home and connect regularly with a teacher for instruction, tutorial, and assessment as needed) opportunities.

Available to:  Grade 10 – 12 students in Alberta

To enroll:  Complete the registration process posted on the Summer School Website


Distance Learning Program

Students throughout BGSD are enrolled in classes taught by BGSD teachers. Students access courses online from home, are grouped by grade level, and follow a defined daily schedule.  The daily schedule includes a combination of live classes and independent student work time each day.

Available to:  Kindergarten to Gr. 12

To enroll: contact your local school.


Adult Education Program

Adult students can choose to upgrade

  • Only the courses required for post-secondary entrance or
  • They can earn a high school diploma, or
  • A high school equivalency diploma.

Adult education is not funded through the provincial K-12 school system.  The cost to enroll is the responsibility of the student.

Available to: Individuals  20 years of age or older as of September 1 of the current school year.

To enroll: Contact Adult Education Coordinator, located in Black Gold Outreach.



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