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  • Beaumont Family of Public Schools Boundary and Grade Transitions Released to Achieve Configuration Goals

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    January 18, 2017 – The Beaumont Family of Public Schools Configuration Review Committee released its transition plan to the Board of Education at the January Board Meeting.  The transition plan identified how over, a three-year term, the goals of the December 14, 2016, Board of Education approved, Beaumont Family of Public Schools Boundary and Grade Configurations will be fulfilled.

    During the Board Meeting, both the Board of Education and Review Committee expressed appreciation for the public’s involvement in this process. The general public provided valuable feedback during public engagement nights, as well through public submissions via Google Form, to the Review Committee and the Board of Education. This feedback was heavily relied on, reviewed and utilized while preparing the transitions. The transitions were designed with the intentions of helping to alleviate some of the public concerns expressed regarding the potential changes, where possible and viable to do so.

    Families are now asked to fully review the approved configuration and transition plans.  If they have any questions about where their child will be attending next year, they may contact their school directly or alternatively, they can contact Norm Dargis, Division Principal for Black Gold Regional Division No. 18.

    School of Choice requests may be submitted after March 1, 2017. Decisions will be made at a later date to ensure sufficient resources and facilities are taken into account. Principals will communicate with the families making the request their respective communication timelines surrounding the School of Choice decision for their schools.

    Parents/Guardians considering such a request should familiarize themselves with the following BGRD Administrative Procedures:

    Both the Configuration Review Committee and the Board of Education appreciate the patience, understanding, and involvement the Beaumont community has displayed during this process which has encouraged the most viable educational decisions possible.  Programming and enrolments will continue to be monitored and reviewed as needed to ensure quality programming for all BGRD students.

    Attachments: January 2017 – Beaumont Family of Public Schools Transition Plans to Achieve Configuration Goals

    For more information, please contact:

    Norm Dargis | Division Principal | Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
    Phone: 780.955.6110 | Email:

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