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  • Board Chair, Vice Chair acclaimed for a second term

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    At their annual Board Organizational Meeting on June 21, the Board of Trustees unanimously acclaimed Ward 4 Trustee Esther Eckert as Board Chair for the 2023-2024 school year. This will be Eckert’s second term as Chair.

    “I am honoured to have the full support of the Trustee Board as I look forward to another year in the role of Board Chair. I will do my best to lead the Board as we work together as governors,” said Board Chair, Esther Eckert. “We will continue to strive to bring positive educational experiences to our diverse learning community and to plan for the future of Black Gold.”

    The Board of Trustees also acclaimed Ward 3 Trustee Angie Charpentier as Board Vice Chair. This will be Charpentier’s second term, and she was also elected by unanimous consent.

    “I am committed to supporting BGSD’s mission and strategic goals and look forward to another year as Vice Chair. Excited to work collaboratively with my fellow board members to ensure we are making progress toward our shared vision.” Added Vice Chair, Angie Charpentier.

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