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  • Caught You Being Kind at Caledonia Park School

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    Caledonia Park School in Leduc has been running a Caught You Being Kind (CYBK) program focused on social-emotional learning, specifically kindness. For the last four years, students in the school have been nominated by their friends, peers, and teachers once a month for a kindness certificate.

    “When we saw how the pandemic was affecting our students, staff at Caledonia decided to celebrate the good things happening at the school,” said Vice Principal Kim Engler. “Our Caught You Being Kind program celebrates the acts of kindness we see and experience each day from students. After each round of collecting nominations, we gather to celebrate together. It is uplifting and joyous.”

    The school has a monthly ceremony to celebrate the ambassadors of kindness. At the end of each semester, there is a final kindness recognition, followed by a prize draw.

    “The times I have been nominated, I feel excited when I get to go up,” said one grade 6 student. “I also feel happy for the other students who are nominated.”

    “Seeing smiles on other people’s faces makes me smile bigger,” said a grade 5 student when asked about how CYBK assemblies make her feel.

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