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  • École Bellevue School is Active for Life!

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    École Bellevue School is Active for Life!

    École Bellevue School is excited by the continued growth and opportunities for students with its Active for Life Program!

    This program has been running for the last few years, even with the COVID-19 restrictions.This year we have been able to run the program as intended; our students have been able to do a wider variety of activities, and it has been great!

    The Active for Life program is focused on promoting the development of physical literacy skills, offering students opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities, and helping to develop a love of being active for life.

    The program is open to grade five and six students across Beaumont. Grade five students go one afternoon a week and the grade six students go twice a week.

    This year students have already participated in many traditional sports like basketball, badminton, soccer and volleyball. They have also played a lot of games, focusing on cooperation and team building, and they tried climbing, gymnastics, swimming, and so much more! 

    This program is also great for those who like to be more active, as it helps them develop vital interpersonal skills by being part of a team. 

    For more information and to get involved, please visit: 

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