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  • Board of Trustees selects new Chair, Vice Chair

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    At their annual Board Organizational Meeting on June 22, the Board of Trustees unanimously selected Ward 4 Trustee Esther Eckert as Board Chair for the 2022-2023 school year. Eckert previously held the position of Vice Chair.

    “I am excited to be continuing the work of governance with this Board and Senior Administration in my new role,” said Chair Eckert. “As we work together to provide the best educational opportunities for our students in Black Gold, I will do my utmost to provide trustworthy leadership. I would like to thank Past Chair Devonna Klasseen for nominating me, and my fellow board members for their strong support.”

    2022-2023 Board Chair Esther Eckert

    The Board of Trustees also selected first-term Ward 3 Trustee Angie Charpentier as Board Vice Chair. Charpentier was nominated by Ward 1 Trustee Michelle Martin, and she was also elected by unanimous consent.

    “I am beyond thrilled to be able to provide additional support and work with a strong board and leadership team,” said Vice Chair Angie Charpentier. “This is an amazing opportunity, and I will dedicate my time to ensure that we work together in meeting the needs of all students in Black Gold. I am thankful that we have a board that works together and has the same passion and dedication to public education.”

    2022-2023 Vice Chair Angie Charpentier

    “On behalf of the Black Gold family, I am pleased to congratulate both Chair Eckert and Vice Chair Charpentier on their new roles, and I look forward to working collaboratively with them over the next school year,” said Superintendent of Schools Bill Romanchuk. “I would also like to thank Past Chair Klaassen for her courageous and diligent leadership as we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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