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  • Inspirational educator receives ATA Science Council Award

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    Black Gold School Division (BGSD) is pleased to share that one of our long-serving educators, Dr. E. Ann Lukey, has been honoured by her peers on the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) Science Council with a Distinguished Service Award, in recognition of her broad and extended contributions to science education in Alberta.

    The ATA Science Council is an organization operated by science teachers for science teachers, to promote, support and enhance the teaching of science in Alberta schools.

    Dr. Lukey has had a nearly-two decade-long career with BGSD, having taught at École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School, Warburg School, and Leduc Composite High School. Currently, she is on secondment to Alberta Education, where she is part of a team drafting senior high school science education policy.

    “It was quite a surprise,” said Dr. Lukey. “It’s so nice to get good news during these dismal Covid times. I was pleased to share the announcement with my colleagues at Black Gold, as they have supported me and allowed me to do so many great things for students over the years.”

    “During my career I have had the privilege of teaching amazing students, had opportunities to collaborate with wonderful teachers, school administrators, support staff and parents, and help further science education by including teachers’ voices in the process,” she said.

    Over the years, Dr. Lukey has valued working closely with senior high students who are contemplating their careers after high school, encouraging them to explore the many post-secondary possibilities available to them. She has presented students with opportunities to go on field trips, listen to guest speakers and assisted them with competitions, scholarships, and job placement programs such as Women In Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology at the University of Alberta, and other non-governmental organizations.

    In addition, she has mentored 13 student teachers on their high school practicums at Black Gold schools through the University of Alberta.

    “I am particularly happy that over the years some of my biology and sciences students have gone on to become veterinarians,” said Dr. Lukey. “In fact, my students inspired me to go back to school to take veterinary medicine, something that I always wanted to do as a kid. They gave me the courage to change it up, take a risk, and try out something new.”

    In 2005, Ann took a leave from teaching and headed back to university. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and eventually returned to full time teaching with Black Gold.

    “Teaching helped me to get to vet school, and vet school helps my teaching,” said Dr. Lukey. She continues to practice veterinary medicine during breaks in the school year.

    Whenever she gets a chance, Dr. Lukey encourages those around her to seize the day. “Don’t be afraid to try something new or different, or take advantage of an opportunity that comes your way, because it may not be there in the future,” she said.

    “On behalf of the Black Gold School Division, I want to extend my heartiest congratulations to Dr. Lukey on achieving this pinnacle of excellence,” said BGSD Superintendent of Schools Bill Romanchuk. “On a personal note, I have known Ann for a long time – we taught Biology together in Beaumont. Her students held her in the highest regard.”

    “I know her to be a dedicated and inspirational educator and collaborative professional,” he said. “She is not afraid to take on new challenges and inspires others to do the same. She is certainly most deserving of this award.”

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