Black Gold School Division


Fee Categories and Definitions

Division Fees

Transportation Fees:  Amounts charged under Section 51(3) of the School Act, which are for regular bus services to and from school, either for students ineligible for funding or for students attending a non-designated school.

Division Technology Fees: This fee will support internet access demands in schools within the Division and enhance corresponding protections for students. Also contributes to the costs associated with software designed to enhance student learning such as (but not limited to) assistive technology software, self assessment tools, creative publishing and charting tools.

Division Tuition Fees: Covers the cost of providing programing for non-funded students.

Fees to Enhance Basic Instruction: These fees would include the services and supports, and materials that are not required to meet core learning outcomes at a basic level but that are provided to enhance the student’s learning opportunities.

Activity Fees (Student Excursions): Transportation, admission, accommodation, and other charges for student excursions or special events (including in-school clinicians and presenters) usually associated with curriculum. Additional examples include fees for swimming and inline skating.

Alternative Program Fees: Amounts charged under Section 21(4) of the School Act, a program (not an individual course) that emphasizes a specific culture, religion, or subject matter or uses a particular teaching philosophy, including sports-related academies.

Kindergarten Fee: Covers the cost of enhanced, in-school activities and field trip expenses for Kindergarten children.

Fees for Optional Courses (Enhanced Course Fees): Amounts charged for additional materials or supplies associated with non-core course options, such as band, fine arts, advanced placement, second languages, Knowledge and Employability, or Career and Technology Studies.

Summer School Program Fee: Covers the cost to schedule students in a summer school course and ensures summer school courses are appropriately staffed.

Other Fees to Enhance Education: Fees related to provide additional support to students toward educational programs not described or covered by the preceding fee categories. Examples may include additional exam preparation fees and tutoring.

Non-Curricular Fees: These fees would include optional activities or materials outside of the educational mandate of the jurisdiction.

Extracurricular Fees: Fees for participation in clubs, sports teams, intramurals, or other programs designed to broaden scholastic experience. Includes charges for materials, activities, and travel associated with the club/team, etc. This includes all possible per student fees, including the travel and competition fees for successful athletics or arts teams and students.

The cost of participation on sports teams will be itemized and be available to parents prior to the start of the season of play. It is acceptable to charge for a portion of the cost of a uniform each year to contribute to the replacement of that uniform within a reasonable amount of time.

Any fundraising done by a class or team members must go to reducing the costs incurred by the class or team.

Non-Curricular Goods and Services: Fees charged to parents in exchange for goods or services common to most students or a cohort within the population, including locker rental, locks, student ID, uniforms, gym strip, library, student union, insurance, graduation ceremony fees charged to all graduating students, and fitness fees not associated with curriculum.

Non-Curricular Travel: Travel, accommodation and admission associated with extended (overnight) optional non-curriculum travel for arts, athletic events and international travel.

Fees for non-curricular travel must not cover the cost of any non-supervisory persons.