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  • Seeking public member for the Board Audit Committee

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    The Board of Trustees of Black Gold School Division is seeking one community member with financial expertise and business acumen to serve as a public member on the Board’s Audit Committee for a two-year term effective September 1, 2022.

    The Audit Committee reports to the Board of Trustees and is composed of three elected school trustees and three individuals external to Black Gold School Division.

    The purpose of the committee is to assist the Board and the Superintendent in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control over financial reporting, the audit process (including Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS) compliance), and monitoring the Division’s compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to financial operations.

    The committee will meet at least twice per year, plus ad-hoc meetings, as required. Public members will be compensated for their time on the Audit Committee at the current trustee honorarium per diem rate.

    Candidate Eligibility:

    • Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for election as a trustee;
    • Applicants must be financially literate;
    • Applicants must be independent of the Division and must not be an employee or the spouse of an employee or trustee;
    • Applicants must have no relationship to Black Gold School Division’s audit firm of MNP LLP. 

    The following qualifications are considered beneficial to the role:

    • Knowledge of audit standards and governance;
    • Understand financial statements, preferably those prepared under PSAS;
    • Experience with leadership and advisory roles.

    Submission of Applications

    Suitably qualified applicants interested in serving on the audit committee are invited to email a letter of interest and resume by 12 p.m. on August 23, 2022, to: 

    Chelsey Volkman
    Associate Superintendent – Business & Finance

    Candidates who are short-listed may be requested to attend a private interview conducted by the Selection Committee. 

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