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  • Black Gold Regional School bus driver, Lynn Ohlmann recognized as Student Transportation Association’s School Bus Driver of the Year.

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    Covenant Christian School and Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 recognized Bus Driver, Lynn Ohlmann for being selected by the Student Transportation Association of Alberta (STAA) as the provincial 2017 School Bus Driver of the Year.

    Ohlmann was recognized during Covenant Christian School’s assembly based on her outstanding achievement and contributions in transporting students to and from school. Later in March, she will also be recognized during the annual Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council (ASTAC) Convention with an award and $500 cash.

    Ohlmann first began driving bus with the County of Leduc No. 25 in September 1988 and has been accident free for more than 29 years.  She has been a proven leader and key bus operator throughout the years, representing the Black Gold Regional School Bus Contractors Association as their President and having coordinated up to 20 school buses.

    As a bus driver, Ohlmann has touched numerous lives with her caring and kindness.  In some cases, she has even been the bus driver to generations of family.  “Lynn is a very special person to our family. From my first day of Kindergarten, to my son’s first day of Kindergarten, she has been the best bus driver, making sure we are safe to and from school,” stated Laura Dublanko. “She watched me grow up and now she gets to be there to take my boys to school and watch them grow up.”   Shown beside and below are photographs of Laura, her school age boy as well as her other two sons who will be future riders of Ohlmann.


    In all of her nominations to STAA for the award, Ohlmann was repeatedly referred to as loving, caring, nurturing and fondly remembered by her past bus students. “With her positive can-do attitude, and her ability to build strong relationships, it is apparent why she would be selected as the provincial School Bus Driver of the Year,” said Sue Timmermans, Transportation Manager at the Black Gold Regional Division No. 18.  “On and off the bus, she is always looking for ways to support people around her.”  In the past, Ohlmann and her bus drivers even helped raised $2,200 for Movember by adding “bussatches” to their fleet (mustaches attached to the front of the buses) (photograph shown below).

    The provincial School Bus Driver of the Year award is selected by a STAA Committee based on the full-time driver’s daily duties, responsibilities and public interactions of transporting children to and from school on a regular basis. Consideration is given to the driver’s years of service; student management skills and abilities, student interaction, etc.; professionalism as a driver, including interactions with staff and parents; and driver attitude. More information about the award can be found by visiting,

    School Bus Driver of the Year Recognized – News Release

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