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  • Spring 2024 Trustee Newsletter

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    Message from the Board Chair

    As we embrace the arrival of Spring, I am delighted to share with you an update on the Board’s commitment to the well-being of the entire Black Gold community. Student and staff wellness remains a top priority for us, and we are dedicated to building safe, positive, and healthy environments for learning and working.

    One of the Board’s important goals is to is to nurture and promote wellness for both students and staff. We aim to create diverse and supportive spaces that foster growth, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This commitment extends to every corner of our school division, where students, staff, and parents actively contribute to safe, welcoming, healthy, and inclusive environments. 

    Under our Wellness priority, our first goal is to focus on building school communities where everyone feels safe, welcomed, and included. We believe that a positive and healthy learning environment contributes to the growth and wellness of all. To achieve this end, the Board approved funding for Wellness Instructional Teachers (WISTs) to support students in schools, and the creation of a Division Lead Wellness Teacher position devoted solely to staff health and wellness, teacher mentorship, staff onboarding, and workplace culture.

    As adults, our participation in developing attitudes in young people that support equity and diversity is crucial

    Our second goal emphasizes the importance of the physical surroundings in the learning process. We are committed to ensuring that our facilities are clean, safe, sustainable, and well-maintained. Conducive learning and working environments play a significant role in fostering positive educational experiences for both students and staff.

    We prioritize this by advocating that the Province build new schools in our fast-growing communities, and upgrade and modernize our older facilities to keep up with growth and health and safety standards. 

    I am pleased to report that in their 2024 Budget, the Province has approved construction funding for the urgently needed modernization of École Corinthia Park School in Leduc. As well, we will continue to advocate for an urgently needed high school in Beaumont.

    As a governing body, the Board of Trustees is required to manage our resources responsibly, and we know that data-driven decision-making is a cornerstone of effective resource management. 

    For our third goal, we emphasize the use of data to inform decisions that optimize the distribution of resources—be it human, financial, time, or materials. This approach ensures that our efforts are targeted where they are needed most, ultimately benefiting all our school communities.

    In closing, I would like to express my gratitude for your ongoing support and collaboration with your schools and the Division. Together, we can create an environment that promotes growth, well-being, and success for every member of our school community. 

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me at

    Wishing you a wonderful spring season filled with positivity and growth.

    Esther Eckert, Board Chair


    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at Black Gold

    The Black Gold School Division’s Board of Trustees is proud of the rich diversity within our school communities, and we are committed to fostering educational environments where diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to inspiring success in our schools.

    “Diversity is what makes each of us unique,” said Board Chair Esther Eckert. “It’s an invitation to learn about one another. To echo Sir Winston Churchill’s quote: “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common,” let’s celebrate it everyday.”

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    New Leduc schools boundary & grade reconfiguration

    The Board of Trustees has approved the following boundary and grade configurations for its schools in Leduc for the 2024-2025 school year:

    1. Creating attendance boundaries for Ohpaho Secondary School (OSS) and Leduc Composite High School (LCHS), with Highway 2 acting as the boundary line for attendance areas between the two high schools. Students on the east side of Highway 2 will attend LCHS; those on the west side of Highway 2 will attend OSS.
    2. Relocating Caledonia Park School Grade 8 and 9 students to LCHS.
    3. Relocating West Haven Public School Grade 8 and 9 students to OSS.
    4. Relocating all K – 6 students from the Black Stone neighbourhood to École Leduc Estates School for French Immersion (FI) programming, and to West Haven Public School for English (ENG) programming.
    5. Relocating all K – 6 students in the Woodbend neighbourhood from Linsford Park School to École Leduc Estates School, for both FI and ENG programming.
    6. The grades 10 – 12 French Immersion program will remain at LCHS and not be relocated to OSS. This will help create parity in the utilization rates and ensure space for future enrolment growth at both schools.

    See below infographic that outlines how students will transition from elementary to junior high to high schools.

    Ohpaho Secondary School Update

    Construction on Leduc’s newest school is wrapping up, with turn over to Black Gold scheduled for May 31, 2024. Final finishes are being completed over the next few months, including flooring, painting and integrating all building systems.

    “We’re excited to see that the gyms are now completely finished, all the classrooms are done, and with the snowmelt the grounds look like they will be ready for seeding soon,” said Principal Dan Lake. “We’re looking forward to getting all the furniture and appliances installed in May and June.”

    “We’re excited to see the school’s construction is progressing daily,” said Principal Dan Lake. “The second level is essentially complete, and all the glass is now installed on the ground floor. The gymnasiums are finished and ready for use.”

    “Seeing the school’s bright and spacious design is exciting,” added Assistant Principal Shelley Hamilton. “It promises to be an excellent environment for learning – we can’t wait to get in there and to know the space better.”

    Have Your Say on the new draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum

    Black Gold parents/guardians and community members are encouraged to provide input on the new draft K to 6 Social Studies Curriculum through an online feedback form until  April 2, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. at Have your say.

    Review the new and draft K to 6 curriculum on

    Your feedback will be used to further refine the new draft K-6 social studies curriculum before it is released in the spring to help teachers prepare for classroom piloting.

    Click the image to view the Board Meeting Highlights. The highlights are a summary of the Board of Trustees Regular, Organizational, and Special Meetings.

    Members of the public can continue to participate in public meetings by watching the live-stream on our YouTube channel.

    Follow the links to find out about specific meeting dates and times and meeting agendas.

    Looking forward to the École Corinthia Park School modernization

    On March 7, MLA Brandon Lunty MLA Leduc-Beaumont joined #BGSD Board Chair Esther Eckert, #Leduc Trustee Barb Martinson, Superintendent of Schools Michael Borgfjord and École Corinthia Park School Principal Rachel Djordjevic to celebrate @youralberta’s recent announcement of construction funding for much-needed renovations at the school.

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    MLA Boitchenko tours Devon school

    On March 4, MLA Andrew Boitchenko (Drayton Valley – Devon) joined Trustee Devonna Klaassen for a tour of the Robina Baker Elementary School’s Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 4 programs, and to discuss the successes, challenges, and opportunities facing the school.

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    Inspiring Success through Esports at New Sarepta Community High School

    In the halls of New Sarepta Community High School, a unique form of teamwork and camaraderie is brewing – one that involves pixels, controllers, and a whole lot of heart. The school’s innovative Esports program has become a beacon of inclusivity, skill-building, and sheer fun for students. Check out the video for details.

    School winners for outstanding engagement!

    A big thank you to everyone from Calmar, New Sarepta, Thorsby, and Warburg who participated in our very successful “Check up – Check in” rural schools survey that closed on January 16, 2024.

    We’re super-excited to announce our winners for outstanding engagement for the #BGSD 2024 Rural Schools ‘Check Up – Check In’ survey – New Sarepta Elementary School and Warburg School! Congratulations everyone!

    Check out the video and photos of the big cheque presentations:

    Division Principal Ray Cable (right) presents the big cheque to New Sarepta Elementary School.
    Division Principal Ray Cable (second from right) presents the big cheque to Warburg School.

    In the end, all of our rural schools are winners for their outstanding survey response rates. The insights provided by our school communities in Calmar, New Sarepta, Thorsby and Warburg are incredibly valuable as we strive to improve the educational experience for students within our rural schools.

    Stay tuned for more updates on this engagement, and please continue to encourage participation within your school communities.

    Again, thank you all for your ongoing support of public education.

    Alberta is facing a shortage of trades people, and in response the Black Gold School Division is working to connect our high school students with opportunities in the skilled trades.

    We are pleased to present a second Trades and Career Fair for high school students at Leduc Composite High School (4308 50 St, Leduc) on April 9, 2024. Interested parents and students from all Black Gold schools are encouraged to attend from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

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    We’re hiring! From teachers to education assistants, secretaries to custodians, and everything in between!

    We have multiple postings open! To find out more, or to apply, go to our Careers page!

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