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  • 2022 Supt.’s Service Award Nominee: Lynne Young

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    Among the nominees for this year’s Superintendent’s Service Award of Excellence is Lynne Young, a long-serving Education Assistant at École Coloniale Estates School in Beaumont.

    Lynne has been a member of the Black Gold family for nearly 30 years. She is hardworking and dedicated to her role, the staff, and students she works with. Be it physical, complex or learning needs, Lynne establishes a strong, supportive rapport with her young charges, working to bring out their best and providing them with opportunities to thrive.

    She creates and embraces inclusive learning situations, and consistently provides a safe and welcoming learning environment for her students. They are celebrated and encouraged to reach for their fullest individual levels of potential.

    Lynne’s wealth of experience and knowledge makes her an outstanding educational assistant,” said ÉCES teacher Sheila Fraser, who co-nominated Lynne. “She is a huge advocate for the students, and continually goes above and beyond in service to her colleagues and students. She is an amazing mentor to other educational assistants at the school.”

    Lynne believes in the team approach to the school community and always takes the time to mentor new staff, encourage them, and provide support as needed. “Her work ethic is unsurpassed,” said ÉCES teacher and co-nominator Michelle Lacquement. “Lynne is a creative problem solver, able to fit all of her duties into her daily schedule and then some. She is passionate in her approach and inspires success simply in who she is.”

    Lynne’s ability to work effectively with students both in English and French immersion programs adds to her exceptional skill set. She encourages other staff members to be their best, through thick or thin, and is seen as an individual who regularly sees the bright side of situations. She is someone you can go to for help anytime, for encouragement when needed, or a good laugh to get through the day.

    “She is selfless and honourable, a steady hand who expects and brings out the best in herself and others,” said Vice Principal and co-nominator Christine Ivanc. “Every staff member of our school holds Lynne in the highest regard, and École Coloniale Estates School is a richer learning environment because of her.”

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